Transports CHABAS


Une prestation de services complète et dédiée au transport de médicaments et produits pharmaceutiques.

A new branch, growing fast!

Thanks to its expertise, the synergy of its network and its activities, TRANSPORTS CHABAS SANTÉ offers its clients high-quality services.

As a privileged partner of the pharmaceutical industry, this service provides transport and storage for more than 48 hours, with full temperature control and security for the products entrusted to them.

In 2016, TRANSPORTS CHABAS expanded its area of expertise with a new dedicated health product transport service. Transports CHABAS SANTÉ is now specialised in temperature-controlled transport dedicated to pharmaceutical, health and beauty products.

In September 2018, TRANSPORTS CHABAS SANTÉ became an official pharmaceutical depositary with the ANSM. We offer a logistics service with storage and order preparation on our logistics platform in Cavaillon (Vaucluse).

To each his own solution… storage, order preparation, groupage transport, batches, ½ batches and delivery in dedicated vehicles.

Our teams make it a point of pride to respect your deadlines as well as the safety and quality standards for your goods, in compliance with the BPD/GDP.

We do everything possible to keep your deliveries in optimal condition. Thanks to our innovative and efficient monitoring, control and tracking tools, we can guarantee traceability throughout the transport process and ensure that you receive information quickly and adapted to your needs.

Fast, efficient and equipped with a high-performance, fully qualified fleet.

Please contact our departments if you have a request, or if you’d like a quote or further information.

***Registration with the Council of the Order of Pharmacists in 2018 for full ordinal responsibility***

A fully regulated and customised process!

The Health Division has the expertise, infrastructure quality and support from the group’s expert support services to meet the specific needs of a whole range of laboratories, wholesaler-distributors, hospitals and pharmacies.

A complete and dedicated service, from transport and storage to order preparation and absolute compliance with safety standards: we’ve got everything we need to handle your healthcare products.

Discover our fleet of refrigerated vehicles adapted to your needs:

– Single-temperature trailers

– Dual-temperature trailers

– Single-temperature carriers

– Bi-temperature carriers

– Light vehicles

– Optional extras (double deck, tailgate…)

We run a specialist fleet equipped with monitoring systems, temperature traceability (even taking into account the doors opening) and geolocation. Our vehicles are tracked by satellite and equipped with refrigerated boxes, mapped and designed to meet our clients’ needs. The equipment is equipped with an alarm system in case of temperature deviation and is disinfected twice a month (complete records are maintained). Our trailers are unmarked for extra security.

At the end of 2016, Transports Chabas completed the construction of a dedicated logistics warehouse in Cavaillon. This building, which complies with all applicable regulations, guarantees the best conditions for the conservation and safety of your products. We can offer you a temperature-controlled storage solution that respects your BPD. It has temperature-controlled operating and storage areas for both specific product temperatures: a 15°C/25°C zone and a 2°C/8°C zone, both of which are ideal for even the most sensitive products (pharmaceutical responsibility agreement, video surveillance of the site, security guards, secure access, automatic back-up refrigeration units, temperature deviation alarms…)



1000m² in 15°C / 25°C

150m² in 2°C / 8°C


The company has been ISO 9001 V2015 certified

In order to meet the demands of our clients and the requirements of the management team, TRANSPORTS CHABAS SANTÉ was awarded the Certification in October 2017.

Our QMS area of application: “Transport and logistics of pharmaceutical products”

Motivated and experienced teams – The group pays particular attention to training, focusing on good drug distribution practices and maintaining the skills of all operational units (operations, drivers, dockside agents). The teams rely on a rigorous methodology and advanced monitoring and training tools.
Since its creation, TC SANTÉ has been committed to reducing its energy footprint.

– Convincing results in terms of CO2 savings and fuel consumption

– A real-world response to the growing demand of our clients in terms of environmental issues

– An internal management tool: implementation of an environmental and social responsibility strategy that involves and unites employees.

– Communication tools are set up on a monthly basis for our drivers, based on an energy scorecard and analysis of their driving behaviour.

– Implementation of an eco-driving programme in partnership with manufacturers


Nearly 2,000,000,000 kilometres travelled in 2018 and an average fuel consumption of 26.93L/100km



We’re concerned about the environmental impact of our fleet, so we’re doing everything possible to improve our performance.


To reduce our energy impact, we have begun:

– The renewal and modernisation of our fleet, with an average vehicle age of 4 years

– Using accessories to reduce aerodynamic drag

– Fleet tyre management

– Monthly monitoring of fuel consumption and driver training about the impact of their driving

– Vehicle loading optimisation


Objectives for 2020: – 5% CO² emission

Hugo MEZARD – President Pharmacist
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Virgyl BERGIEL – Head of Transport Chabas Santé
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Ségolène PICCA – QHSE Manager
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Eric MONNOT – Operations Manager
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Caroline JASMIN – Administrative & Methods Manager
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Anne-Sophie MOTA – Charter Manager
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